Leicester Cathedral Gardens – RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing

In brief

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was laid in Leicester Cathedral Gardens as part of a £2.5 million project transforming the city’s cathedral quarter and providing a connection to the new Richard III visitor centre.


The project

A new public space large enough to host outdoor events for up to 800 people has been created as part of the project. Included within the gardens are flower beds, trees and lawn areas, seating and a water feature. A statue of Richard III has been moved from Castle Gardens, restored and cleaned and placed at the centre of the Cathedral Quarter project closer to the Leicester car park where his body was found buried.

At the other end of the gardens is Towards Stillness, a sculpture comprising steel plates which tell the story of Richard’s time in Leicester from the Battle of Bosworth to the discovery of his grave in 2012.

Richard III riding on resin bound surfacing

Product and application

The areas around the sculpture and the surrounding pathways have been landscaped with RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing as part of the re-development project. Ronacrete Approved Contractors Route One Highways laid around 350 square metres of RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing, using a Rustic Bronze aggregate blend.

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is a hard wearing, permeable (SuDS compliant) alternative to traditional paving and has the attractiveness of natural aggregate while being easily maintained unlike loose gravel. It is also suitable for wheel chairs and is slip-resistant.


RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing has played a role in creating an attractive public space that can be enjoyed by visitors to the cathedral or the Richard III visitor centre and the people of Leicester in general.

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Ronacrete screeds at the O2 shopping centre

In brief

950 m2 of screed was laid at retail outlets in the O2 shopping centre. The products used were Ronafix Mix A, and RonaScreed 8 Day Overlay Fast Drying Screed. Ronafix Mix A was required for thin bonded levelling screeds and RonaScreed 8 Day Overlay was used to shorten the drying time of thicker screeds, to reduce waiting time before floor finishes could be laid and allowing the early return of site traffic.

The project

Wates Construction was contracted to refit a former Wetherspoons pub at the O2 shopping centre in north London, turning the space into three separate retail outlets. Part of this project involved the levelling of the floor.

Priming (Grout) Priming Screed Finish Screeding 2 Screeding Traffic Management for Screed

Product and application

Ronacrete Approved Contractor JF Flooring was sub-contracted to carry out screeding works and so contacted the Ronacrete Technical Team to discuss suitable screeding products to meet the job’s requirements.

Two Ronacrete products were recommended for the project, Ronafix Mix A* which could be applied in thin section and RonaScreed 8 Day Overlay Fast Drying Screed which was added to the screed mix where thicker screeds were required. The thickness of some areas of screed was in excess of 100 mm and there was not sufficient available time for drying of traditional screeds. The addition of RonaScreed 8 Day Overlay Fast Drying Screed additive to the mix ensured fast return to use by site traffic and early drying, ready for application of floor finishes so that shops could be opened without delay.

“We found the product easy to use and it provided a first class finish, meeting all the required specifications and in accordance with British Standards.  The main contractor was also happy with the finish and overall appearance of the screed.” 


The Ronacrete screeds provided level surfaces within the three shops.  Early drying times meant the screeds were soon ready for the application of floor coverings, avoiding delayed completion of the project and ensuring that business could start as soon as possible.

*Ronafix Mix A is also available as Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm.

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Ronacrete is recruiting – Technical Category Manager – Flooring and screeds – London and the South East

Industry Sector: Rapid drying screeds , thin section screeds, specialist underfloor heating screeds, roller applied floor coatings

Area to be covered: London and home counties

Remuneration: £34,000 (OTE £40,000)

Benefits: Company Car, 20 days holiday increasing to 25 days after qualifying period.

The role will include selling a comprehensive range of high quality screed and floor coating materials from the RonaScreed and RonaFloor product ranges used for new installations and on refurbishment projects in the London and home counties region. Generating specifications with local authorities, housing associations, contractors, specifiers, architects. Increasing our network of approved contractors. Carrying out CPD accredited presentations.

Desired Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate will be based in London or the home counties.

The ideal applicant will have at least five years’ experience within this industry and will be able to demonstrate their background in generating specifications, their relationship with housing developers, local authorities and ideally specialist flooring contractors.They will have a strong understanding of the construction industry and be able to provide technical and practical advise to contractors, specifiers and architects.

Experience of selling to local authorities, housing associations and contractors and presenting to large groups of architects, specifiers, and other professional bodies is essential.

Product experience in related disciplines, such as insulation, underfloor heating and waterproofing is preferred.

Experienced candidates that can demonstrate a solid sales background in similar industries will be considered. Apply here.

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Brochures for brands

Ronacrete now has a brochure for each of its five brands.

Concrete repair and coatings from Ronacrete.

Concrete repair and coatings from Ronacrete.

RonaBond – The Concrete Repair and Coatings Range

RonaDeck – The Resin Bound and Bonded Surfacing Range

Ronafix – The Admixture for Concrete Repairs, Screeds, Waterproofing, Bedding and Bonding

RonaFloor – The Flooring and Bedding Range

RonaScreed – The Screeds Range

The brochures can be downloaded from the website or viewed online. Print copies of the RonaBond, RonaScreed and RonaDeck brochures are also available, phone 01279 638700 to request a copy.

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Tate Library, Streatham – RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed and RonaFloor Epoxy DPM

RonaFloor Epoxy DPM was used to provide a surface DPM to a concrete base before application of RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed at a refurbishment project at the Tate Library in Streatham.

Tate Library

The Tate Library in Streatham opened in 1890; its building was funded by philanthropist Sir Henry Tate. In 2014 the impressive looking building underwent a 1.4 million renovation. The project returned some of the buildings original features, such as a barrelled ceiling with a large skylight which made it a more welcoming place to read or work in. A new community space was built for staging of art exhibitions, theatre productions and other community events.

Tate 2

Ronacrete Approved Contractor CCS Drywall Ltd installed over 250 square metres of RonaFloor Epoxy DPM in the library complex; kiln-dried sand was scattered into the surface of the second coat to provide a key. RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed was then bonded to the cured DPM with a Ronafix and Portland cement slurry primer. RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed was selected because of its quick drying and early strength gain, allowing early return for site traffic and early application of floor finishes, thus preventing a long delay waiting for the screed to dry and strengthen.

RonaFloor Epoxy DPM provides a surface damp proof membrane which reduces water vapour permeability. It can be used prior to the application of a Ronacrete bonded screed such as RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed and can reduce the length of a construction program because it removes the necessity to wait for a concrete floor to dry before applying a screed.

RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed is a screed additive that is used to significantly reduce drying time, to allow the early laying of floor coverings. The reduction in drying time allows screeds to be laid later in the construction program, reducing the risk of damage to the screed and in the case of a compressed program it helps to allow construction to be completed on time.

The application of RonaFloor Epoxy DPM and RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay contributed to the speed with which the renovation project was completed and the residents of Streatham had to wait just six months before they could enjoy the benefits of the new library facilities.


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EcoPath MT for the First Tee at Enfield

RonaDeck EcoPath MT was used to provide a slip resistant surface for golfers waiting at the first tee at Enfield Golf Club.

The loose gravel waiting area next to the first tee at Enfield Golf Club was causing maintenance problems; the gravel was migrating to grassed areas and it became muddy and slippery in wet weather, a particular problem in the winter months. RonaDeck EcoPath MT was specified to provide a slip resistant, attractive, easily maintainable waiting area for golfers and spectators. The area also needed to be accessed safely so the design included a set of steps, surfaced with RonaDeck EcoPath MT, leading down to the tee.

Photo 09-04-2014 10 02 50 Photo 09-04-2014 10 36 42 Photo 09-04-2014 09 58 54

As its name suggests RonaDeck EcoPath MT is a sustainable resin bound surfacing system, incorporating rubber granules which are produced from recyeld truck tyres. It is also porous; applied to type 3 aggregate, the permeable construction is SuDS compliant. As well as helping the environment, this permeability prevents surface ponding, an important consideration for this project.

Ronacrete Approved Contractor Flintstone Solutions placed the vulcanised rubber granules and kiln dried aggregate into a clean, forced action mixer. The two parts of the RonaDeck EcoPath MT resin were mixed with a drill and helical mixing paddle attachment for 30-45 seconds. This resin was poured into the mixer and blended with the aggregate/rubber until it was evenly coated.

RonaDeck EcoPath MT was applied to the prepared base of compacted Type 3 aggregate, levelled and smoothed with a float. The surface was allowed to cure and was ready for foot traffic within 24 hours.

RonaDeck EcoPath provided a visually attractive and slip resistant surface for golfers and spectators to wait on while they watched the first shots being played

Enfield Golf Club RonaDeck Eco Path MT

Enfield Golf Club RonaDeck Eco Path MT

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A modern path for a medieval castle


Conisbrough Castle

Conisbrough Castle

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing with Beige Pearl aggregate was laid to 285 square metres of car park and 20 square metres of footpath at Conisbrough Castle, Doncaster.

Conisbrough Castle is a 12th century Grade I listed castle, one of the country’s best examples of medieval architecture, featuring a rare Norman hexagonal keep. The castle was closed for six months for major redevelopment work amounting to £1.1m. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritage and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and included a new visitor centre, larger education and exhibition rooms, interactive displays, improved access, signage and parking.

The new visitor centre was built onto an existing Victorian lodge and the surrounding park was landscaped. The car park and the area in front of the centre and its surrounding path were surfaced with RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing by Ronacrete Approved Contractor Route One Highways.

New media centre Conisbrough Castle

New media centre Conisbrough Castle

The RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing System was supplied as a two-component UV stable polyurethane resin and a blend of kiln-dried aggregates; the two resin components were mixed by Route One with a slow speed drill and paddle before being added to a forced action mixer containing the Beige Pearl aggregate blend. The RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was spread to level and the surface was smoothed with a steel float. RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was applied at a thickness of 15mm on the path and 18mm in the car park.

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing satisfies SuDS requirements, allowing rainwater to quickly and easily drain through the porous surface.  The surfacing is tested to BS 8204-6 and this test shows the risk of slip to be low, an important factor to consider at a busy tourist attraction. RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is also suitable for wheelchair ‘traffic’ as wheels will not sink and get caught as they do in loose gravel paths.   The resistance of the resin to ultra-violet light ensures that the resin will not yellow or darken and will remain elastic, lengthening the service life of the system.

By improving the access and parking facilities at Conisbrough Castle, RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing has played a role in a major redevelopment project that will bring history alive to thousands.

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